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We do though have one Mini Mountain display bike in stock available for immediate delivery  
Price reduced from £3599 to £2999 
All Babboe electric cargo bikes have a 250 Watt motor with a 36 Volt battery. The battery has a 20-37 miles range. The exact duration depends on the weight of the rider and passenger/cargo, the level of power selected, the terrain, wind strength, and even the tyre pressures.  
It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery from flat. 
Our electric cargo bikes are all equipped with the super convenient walk-assist mode which allows you to easily move your electric bike, when you’re not cycling. 
Babboe offer the option of either a hub motor or crank motor, but strongly advise that if the bikes are to be used in an area such as Cornwall, due to the hilly terrain the powerful Yamaha crank motor is the most suitable. 
Should the bike be used in a flatter part of the country, the slightly cheaper hub version may be sufficient  
With the crank motored version, the battery has been beautifully integrated into the cargo bike’s design.  
Two and three wheeled versions are available with many options, making them extremely versatile and capable of carrying out a multitude of tasks. 
What are the differences between electric cargo bikes with a rear wheel motor and cargo bikes with a mid-drive motor 
If you are riding on hilly roads with more than 3% inclination, then we would advise you to go for the Mountain version with the Yamaha crank motor. 
Babboe-E Versions versus Babboe Mountain Versions 
Location of the motor 
On our standard 'E' hub motored versions, the motor is located in the rear wheel. The assistance really makes it feel like you’re cycling with a tailwind.  
On our Mountain version, the motor is located in the middle of the bike and not only is it a more powerful motor, it is more efficient and gives a greater range. It also makes the bike feel more stable. 
Location of the battery 
The battery is concealed underneath the rear carrier on the hub version and on the crank version it is concealed underneath the bench in the front box.  
Type of assistance 
The bikes with a rear wheel motor are assisted through rotation. Every time you make a full rotation with the pedals, the electric assistance will do its job. Depending on the electric assistance setting, you’ll receive more or less assistance.  
Bikes with a motor in the middle provide assistance through power and use a more sophisticated and intelligent system. The more resistance your bike feels, the more assistance it will provide. 
Electric bikes with a rear wheel motor are equipped with a derailleur, which means you can't shift gears while standing still.  
Electric bikes with a mid-drive motor have a stepless shifting system, which allows you to select any desired gear at any time, even while standing still. 
Which electric cargo bike version should I choose? 
Do you frequently ride on even roads with an occasional small bridge? In that case the hub motored version is probably sufficient for you.  
If you frequently ride on hilly roads with an inclination of more than 3%? Then we would advise you to choose the Yamaha crank motored Mountain version. 
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